Fire Safety Guide 10, Part 2, Practical Planning and Execution

1. edition, September 2021
125 pages

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Since 1994, fire safety guidelines have been published which have formed a basis for all hot work in the construction industry. The purpose is to gather knowledge and experience of fire preventions measures in connection with hot work in a single publication which provides operational guidance and create a common basis for training the craftsmen performing the work.

These guidelines describe the tasks to be performed by the person ordering hot work, the contractor as well as the individual performing the hot work. The tasks includes those before, during and after hot work being performed. 

Moreover, a description of the organisation of the place of work is provided.

Fire Safety Guide 10 relating to hot work comprise two parts

Part 1 – Main Guideline and

Part 2 – Practical Planning and Execution

Part 2 focuses on the practical planning and execution of hot work and contains concrete instructions and guidelines for the work. It has been created for the craftsmen and companies performing the work and fire guards, respectively. Part 2 brings together all the guidance on practical execution in one set of guidelines.

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Fire Safety Guide 10 Part 2
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