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Fire Safety Guide 10, Part 1, Main Guideline

1. edition, September 2021
39 pages

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The purpose of these guidelines is to gather knowledge and experience of fire prevention measures in connection with the performance of hot work in one comprehensive publication which provides the business community with technical operational guidance while also creating a shared basis for training of performing craftsmen. These guidelines describe the tasks to be performed by the person ordering hot work, the contractor as well as the individual performing the hot work. The tasks include those before, during and after hot work is performed. Moreover, a description of the organisation of the place of work is provided.

These guidelines comprise two parts. Part 1, Main Guideline and Part 2, Practical Planning and Execution.

Hot work may be divided into three main groups:

  • Hot work performed during roofing
  • Hot work performed using heat and spark-inducing tools
  • Hot work performed during weed burning

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Fire Safety Guide 10 Main Guideline Part 1
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