Hot work - fire prevention measures for spark-inducing tools

Kursusnummer: AMU603


Please note - the course can only be booked as a company course with a minimum of 14 participants

Every year, fires occur when roofing, welding, cutting, angle grinding, soldering, drying, heating, weed burning and other forms of hot work.

These fires should not happen because it is possible to turn hot work into fireproof work with care and the proper knowledge.

On this course, the students learn to plan and carry out hot work safely.


Industry certificate course.


The course is aimed at people who work with all kinds of spark-inducing tools.


Students learn to work safely with machines and tools that give off sparks or intense heat. Participants who successfully complete the training receive a qualification certificate. A hot work certificate is also issued, which is valid for 5 years throughout the Nordic region. The certificate is valid in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland, where this course is required to perform hot work. The course also follows CFPA Europe’s training programme and CFPA Guideline No. 12.


  • Take the precautionary safety measures to be taken when carrying out hot work that gives off sparks or heat which may cause a fire at the workplace.
  • Perform fire safety correct hot work with spark-inducing tools, such as cutting torches, angle grinders, soldering tools or hot air guns.
  • Take the necessary fire safety precautions before starting work.
  • Organise the workplace and take precautions at work to ensure fire safety and follow the fire safety rules that apply.
  • Conduct firefighting at the workplace.


1 day - fire prevention measures for spark-inducing tools (45141).


Since both the teaching and the final exam are in English, it is a prerequisite for participating in the course that you can understand English.


Hot work - fire prevention measures for spark-inducing tools

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