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Seminar on public perception and P2X technologies

Note: The seminar has been postponed until 29 November. 

Do you work with renewable energy or green transition, and you are curious about how to address issues of public perception and safety concerns in relation to Power-to-X, Solar Panels, and Wind Energy projects? Then this seminar is relevant for you.”

Local opposition slow down green power projects integrating technologies such as wind turbines, solar cells, Power-2-X, batteries etc. The Danish energy association Andel reports that from 2020 to 2022, 14 out of 17 municipal wind turbine projects were stopped solely due to resistance from local citizens. The numerous postponed and interrupted projects oftentimes delay the pace of innovation and reduce the enthusiasm for technology investments in the market. While these difficulties become ever more frequent as we scale up implementation of green energy infrastructures safely, the question remains: how do we design possible solutions to these challenges?

On November 29th, DBI - the Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology will host our first interactive seminar focusing on Public Perception of renewable energy technologies. During this event, you will be introduced to methods involving user engagement and communication strategies designed to promote local benefits and strengthen broad national support for the green transition.

This seminar is rooted in DBI’s findings from our research on Public Perception of renewable energy technologies, and it will feature knowledgeable guest lecturers from academia and industry who bring their expertise to the table and share their learnings from various fields. The second part of the seminar will take on a workshop format, encouraging you to roll up your sleeves and tackle hypothetical case carefully created by DBI. The goal of the workshop is to collectively build feasible solutions to the cases, and the invited experts will stay with us throughout the afternoon to step in with advice, help, and inspiration during the workshop.

The seminar provides rich opportunities for you as participant to expand your professional network and learn from other participants across value chains how they tackle citizen engagement and public perceptions.

The event is hosted in collaboration with Energy Cluster Denmark.


12:00 – 12:10. Welcome and introduction by Mette Marie Vad Karsten, DBI

12:10 – 13:25. Presentations by Simon Lex (University of Copenhagen), Nanna Bonde (European Energy), and Maja Felicia Bendtsen, Port of Roenne A/S

13:25 – 13:40 Break

13:40 – 15:40 Workshop: We ’hack’ cases on public perception of P2X technologies and explore how we might tackle issues of citizen engagement.

15:40 – 16:00. Wrap up and closure.

The seminar is an in-person event and is held in English.


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DBI Hvidovre, Jernholmen 12
29. november 2023
12:00 - 16:00