DBI Guideline 005 - Automatic fire alarm systems Operation and mantenance

1. edition. January 2022
47 pages

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DBI Guideline 005 “Automatic fire alarm systems – Operation and maintenance” have been prepared by DBI in collaboration with the reference group. The reference group is broadly composed of stakeholders from the parties involved in construction and the insurance industry; see the composition of the reference group here on DBI’s website.

This professional requirements specification is based on “best practice” in the field and its purpose is to provide the business community with a voluntary approval scheme. This requirements specification will form the basis for a uniform level of safety for the field. It should be noted that it is possible to document a similar level of safety in other ways.

These Guidelines set out requirements for the scope of maintenance and for the actors tasked to help ensure functional fire alarm systems during the lifetime of the systems, limit the number of “false alarms” and ensure an adequate level of maintenance. The minimum requirements for operating, inspecting and maintaining fire alarm systems included in Bygningsreglementet (The Danish Building Regulations) and associated guidelines are incorporated in these Guidelines.

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DBI Guideline 005 Automatic fi re alarm systems
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