Fire in electrical appliances

DBI’s highly experienced fire investigators clarify the cause of the fire in an electrical appliance and determine whether it is due to arson or failure in the appliance. We can do this either by examining the actual site of fire, or by inspecting a single appliance recovered from the fire scene, provided that it is clear that the particular appliance is the cause of the fire.

Fire in electrical installations

At DBI we are experts in investigations of fire caused by electrical installations.

We have specialist knowledge of design and regulations of electrical installations. We determine the source of the fire and investigate its origin and cause of failure.

Fire in commercial plant machinery

DBI conducts investigations of the origin and cause of fire in commercial machinery. 

We can distinguish between arson and fire due to machinery failure.

Insurance companies can make decisions based on our findings and our objective, well-documented reports.

Fire in vehicles

DBI investigates the causes of fire in construction machinery, agricultural machinery, buses, trucks and cars. Technical errors that cause fire in vehicles usually occur during operation, but can also happen when parked.

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