A DBI fire investigation provides credible and impartial documentation about the origin and cause of a fire. This provides the best basis for decision-making in recourse cases.

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Based on information about a fire, DBI can quickly assess whether a regular fire investigation will provide a useful conclusion. Thereby, you do not waste resources on pointless investigations. Clients receive feedback by email or phone within 24 hours.

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Often many traces have been destroyed or lost by the time a fire investigator arrives at the fire scene, because clean-up is underway. An online fire visitation can identify potential traces in advance, thereby ensuring that they are safeguarded, until an actual fire investigation is conducted.

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DBI conducts investigations of items suspected of having caused a fire, while a feasibility study ensures that resources are devoted to the right items alone.

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Complete documentation of a fire scene, easy measurement, quick reconstruction and no doubts in the context of disputes. These are some of the benefits of 3D models of fire scenes.

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In the case of a dispute in a court of law, a completely impartial expert’s may be necessary. This is something a designated expert surveyor from DBI can handle.

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Can the sofa at the fire scene burn? Can a hairdryer ignite an old chimney? DBI fire investigators will answer the question based on small-scale experiments at fire scenes and verifications in the laboratory.

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DBI's department for fire investigations is available on the phone around the clock via our Service Center:

Phone: +45 20 10 90 30

Mail: sc@dbigroup.dk

In urgent cases, our fire investigators also drive out both evenings and weekends.

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