Public perception and social acceptance of Power-to-X technologies

This research project focuses on broadening our understanding of public safety perceptions and social acceptance of Power-to-X-technologies, particularly in Denmark. The project seeks to highlight crucial social and cultural elements which are of key importance in understanding Power-to-X barriers and enablers. Such knowledge is vital in understanding and ensuring successful and sustainable implementation, acceptance, and usage of Power-to-X technologies.

Specifically, the research is divided into 3 main workstreams. One workstream focuses on producing a literature review of existing research on public perception and social acceptance on Power-to-X technologies, including hydrogen and ammonia. A second workstream involves external collaborations with research environments and students at Danish universities with extensive experience in these fields, particularly Techno-Anthropology with Department of Planning at Aalborg University and Department of Anthropology at University of Copenhagen. A third workstream contains ethnographic fieldwork in settings in Denmark where Power-to-X technologies and facilities are highly present as part of the local built environment and community.

We expect to disseminate on this project at the very end of 2022 in collaboration with Energy Cluster Denmark.

Here you can watch our webinar Public Perception and Acceptance of Powe-to-X technologies, which we hosted 1 December 2022.

Contain The project runs from: January 2022 to December 2024

Project Lead
Mette Marie V. Karsten
Lead Anthropologist (PhD)