Karin has been a security adviser at DBI since 2020 and is particularly interested in the professional development at DBI. On a daily basis, she works with everything from analysis and security counselling to research and development. She also performs the roles of project manager and educator.


As one of DBI's security advisers, I feel like I am a part of a growing workplace, both financially and professionally. Many different activities are underway here at DBI, and it is possible to be both geeky and a practitioner. This makes for a really cool combination, for me at least.

DBI has a strong focus on professional development through further education and courses. At the same time, there is time to immerse yourself in both your own specialisations and in new areas of expertise. I find the support from management and their own professionalism incredibly inspiring, for example.

From my own experience, DBI is a very pleasant workplace where I feel heard and comfortable sharing even my most off-the-wall ideas. At DBI, you are not seen as just a resource, but as a human being. I also have some great colleagues, who make me want to go to work every day. I am also proud to be part of a company that focuses on social values. I really feel there is a sense of purpose in what I do.


35 years

Title: Security advisor


Master of Science (MSc) Security Risk Management

Place of residence: Copenhagen

Office: Hvidovre

Employed since:

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