Thomas is a project manager at DBI, where he focuses on development. He is French, but has worked at DBI since 2015, with the goal of creating the solutions of the future.


As a project manager at DBI, I am involved in developing and creating the solutions of the future. I work in the very innovative part of the company, where we are constantly challenging ourselves with new projects.

One of the reasons I chose to start working at DBI was my desire to work for a good cause. I believe in the company’s values, and with the company's focus on research and development, I wish to contribute to DBI’s mission of safeguarding lives and assets.

I am proud to share a workplace with so many innovative colleagues. We aim to create new knowledge and new solutions and strive to constantly become smarter and move developments forward. DBI's corporate culture and my colleagues are therefore also a major driving force for me. At DBI, we all have a great responsibility, and we trust each other and have a lot of flexibility, making it possible to balance work and private life.


33 years

Title: Project manager


MSc in building engineering (Paris) and PhD in civil engineering (DTU)

Place of residence: Jyllinge

Office: Hvidovre

Employed since:


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