Here you will find projects for applying new technology at sea. For example, how to use lightweight materials for ship construction. Or li-ion batteries for ship propulsion. You will also find here projects supported by the Danish Maritime Fund.

Here you will find projects for the fire protection of buildings. For example, how materials can be used for fire protection and how buildings can be protected from fire. Here too you will find major construction projects, facade testing, InnoBYG projects for high-rise wooden buildings and other projects involving fire and the protection of building materials.

Risk management includes projects for managing new types of risk, e.g. cybercrime or risks combining physical safety and cybersecurity. The projects centre on social engineering and awareness training, as well as discovering new knowledge, and teaching what we already know. In addition, this section covers projects relating to resilience and projects which attempt to be proactive and to detect and react to possible threats.

Detection includes projects for better and earlier fire detection. This could, for example, be projects within the use of laser, light and video for detection purposes. Similarly, we also work to create networks of suppliers and customers, who in partnership can develop new and better fire detection solutions.

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