At DBI’s fire testing laboratory, you can have testing carried out on a wide range of building components and structures.
Our staff are always aware of the latest knowledge and can help you determine the fire classification or performance requirements under which each product needs to be tested.

We test according to the EN 13501 series, the European standard indicating the test procedure for resistance to fire in all construction products, including products incorporated in other building components.

Fire tests of façades according to SP Fire 105

A façade system consists of various components, they must achieve I passed fire test as a whole. Components that cannot obtain clarification by themselves can be approved as part of a product.

SP Fire 105 is a Swedish fire test where the burning item is 6m high and 4m wide, over a fire enclosure simulating a windows opening. There is tested for fire spread and no pieces may fall from the façade.

SP Fire 105

Fire test in DBI´s multi furnace

DBI´s multi furnace has a maximum power effect of 10 megawatts. That means that apart from the common standard curve it can also fire test according to the hydrocarbon-curve.

Furthermore, it can also handle large-scale tests both vertically and horizontally.

Fire test at DBI;  hydrocarbon-curve; large-scale


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