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Fire-safety of bio-based buildings

DBI will make it easier to design fire-safe buildings with bio-based construction products by developing new knowledge and tools for architects and engineers. This will pave the way for them to be able to market new services that contribute to the expansion of sustainable construction and the green transition, locally and internationally.

Bio-based construction products are necessary to achieve more sustainable buildings and promote the green transition in the construction industry. However, their use requires a more complicated design process, as the fire safety properties of bio-based products are very different to those of conventional mineral-based construction products. If the use of bio-based construction products is to be disseminated, it is therefore necessary to take a new approach to both fire-safety engineering (FSE) and the overall process of building design.

By strengthening competence and tools within FSE, DBI makes it possible to determine the fire safety of a building with bio-based construction products using models. This enables performance-based design (PBD), where validated simulations of the building’s fire safety can be used to integrate innovative solutions in order to ensure the right level of fire safety in the finished building early in the design process. DBI will also demonstrate how PBD can be used to optimise life cycle analyses (LCA) and cost analyses (LLC). If fire is an active design parameter early in the process, the number of design options will also increase considerably.

To achieve this, architects, engineers, consultants and others who work with building design must use new knowledge, tools and guides, and DBI will develop them. The aim is to strengthen their international competitiveness and to ensure that the new tools are compatible with the existing internationally widely used tools. This will make it possible for the target group to launch services that can also be introduced to the global market, thereby contributing to the development of sustainable construction and the green transition, both in Denmark and internationally.

Anders Dragsted


Anders Dragsted

Head of Building Design
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