For fire testing and product development in the maritime industry

DBI is one of Europe’s most modern and high-tech Institutes for all aspects of fire safety and security. DBI carry out all classification tests in accordance with the IMO 2010 FTP Code and, as a unique opportunity, we can issue accredited assessment reports.

We help our customers get new products to the market for the maritime sector, both easier and more cost effectively. DBI carry out almost all types of fire testing of materials, components, and structures for the maritime sector. Our competent experts have access to DBI’s nearly 100 years of experience in fire testing, which guarantees the safety, security and high quality of our customers’ products.

DBI helps you all the way – from an early idea to the finished approved product on the market.

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Internationally recognized fire testing

DBI works globally and our test reports are recognized world-wide by classification societies, Notified Bodies, US Coast Guard, Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and the Russian River Register.

DBI carries out a wide range of classification tests of materials, components and structures for the maritime sector. We are accredited for fire testing by DANAK (the Danish Accreditation Fund) in accordance with DS/EN ISO/IEC 17025: 2017 and has a labelling permit from ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation).

Faster and more cost effective on the market

With DBI as your partner, you can speed up the development process and with specially developed tools for mini-scale testing, data analysis and simulation; our Advanced Services department can assist with product development. Our methods give you more knowledge about your products and increase the chances of passing a classification test.

We make a virtue of being flexible and always focusing on the customer’s needs. We adapt our team to your needs and you will always have a personal contact and direct access to our experienced engineers and technical experts.

If you are prevented from attending a test in person, or if a number of additional people want to participate from a remote location, tests can be live streamed by agreement via a password-protected link.

Under normal circumstances, and as long as we have received all the necessary documentation, our reporting time is approximately 14-days from completion of testing.

Furthermore, DBI’s accredited assessments reports can potentially reduce the number of tests you have to perform, thereby providing faster access to the market at a lower cost.

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DBI tests materials and components for use in the maritime industry

DBI carries out a wide range of accredited fire tests of materials, components and structures for the maritime sector. For example testing on the following products to assist in the product development phase and as classification testing:

Bulkheads • decks • doors • windows • insulation • surface materials • textiles • furniture and much more

Resistance of fire doors

In our Resistance-to-Fire laboratory, we have a vertical furnace and 3 combi-furnaces, including one large multi-purpose furnace with a maximum power of 10 megawatts. We offer testing in the following sizes:

Development tests

  • 500 x 500 mm test pieces, vertical and horizontal: ISO 834 and Hydrocarbon
  • Test samples up to 1.5 x 1.5 m, vertical and horizontal: ISO 834

Classification tests
– both ISO834 and Hydrocarbon fire curves

  • Vertically up to 3.2 x 4.5 m or 5.5 x 3.0 m
  • Horizontally up to 4.0 x 5.5 m

When testing in accordance with the Hydrocarbon fire curve ISO 20902-1:2018, which simulates oil fires on, for example an oil rig, products can be used for both marine and offshore structures.

Reaction to fire

In our Reaction-to-Fire Laboratory, we test materials for the maritime sector, including testing of Flame Spread, Non-combustibility, Ignitability, Heat Release, Calorific Potential and Smoke & Toxicity.

Mini scale test

DBI’s Advanced Services department has developed unique mini-scale tests of components and materials, which are fast and provide indications of the fire technical properties of a product. This gives you as manufacturer, a better basis
for making the right decisions about choice of materials and construction during product development, which then increases the likelihood of passing classification tests.

With DBI as your business partner, you have a greater opportunity to get your maritime products to market, faster and more cost effectively.

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Fire test in DBI´s multi furnace

DBI´s multi furnace has a maximum power effect of 10 megawatts. That means that apart from the common standard curve it can also fire test according to the hydrocarbon-curve.

Furthermore, it can also handle large-scale tests both vertically and horizontally.

Fire test at DBI;  hydrocarbon-curve; large-scale

Access to the market with classification testing

DBI cooperates with, among others, DBI Certification A/S, which is an independent international certification body (Notified Body) within both the maritime and construction industries. This makes it possible for us to be your partner throughout the entire process, from idea to market-ready product.

With a successful classification test and completed test report, your product is ready for certification and introduction to the market.

Test reports from DBI and subsequent DBI Certification can also be used to obtain MED Wheel marking of marine equipment.

Research and Development

Blue Battery

The aim of the project is to improve fire safety in battery systems at sea. This is done by investigating previous fires in battery systems and making recommendations for future use of maritime battery systems.

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