New International Newsletter from DBI

18.10.22 - To keep customers and stakeholders updated on fire safety and security activities, we would like to introduce you to the first issue of DBI E-news.

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New knowledge about battery fires in electric cars on ferries

13.10.22 - DBI has conducted testing into the detection and extinguishing of fires in electric cars in ferries.

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Solar cells increase the risk of fire spreading on flat roofs

13.10.22 - Solar panels mounted on flat roofs can spread fire in the gap between the roof and the panel.

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Report conclusion: More sprinklers needed in car parks

12.10.22 - Vehicles represent a significantly higher fire load than previously assumed.

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DBI project on covered facades wins awards in both Denmark and abroad

12.10.22 - ”It’s ambitious, it’s brave, it’s bold.”

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The Ultimate Action

09.09.22 - The war in Ukraine is seeing an extremely high number of incidents for the Ukrainian emergency services.

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Meet DBI and DBIC UK at the FIREX International event in London

02.05.22 - On 17th - 19th of May 2022, the FIREX International event will take place in London.

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