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Deck of a ship
DBI’s testing laboratory has modern facilities and all the equipment required for fire testing in accordance with the standards in the IMO2010FTP CODE.

DBI's testing reports are recognised by a number of authorities and classification companies around the world, including the US Coast Guard.

DBI is accredited by international standardisation bodies for a large number of standard tests. The fire classification of materials, components or constructions depends on the product involved and how and where it is to be used.

DBI can help you determine the fire classification or the relevant performance requirements for a given product.

Rail line
DBI can provide fire tests of components and materials for construction, maintenance and repair of trains.

We test according to EN45545.

Gas burner
DBI is accredited for testing all gas appliances for homes and leisure activities which require CE approval under the Gas Appliance Directive (GAD).

Watch DBI's various fire test furnaces

DBI has a modern fire laboratory with various furnaces, which allow us to conduct almost all types of fire tests from small scale test to full scale tests, including items up to 4.48 meters high. The laboratory has all the necessary tools for assembling test items, and our staff is happy to help with construction and assembly. DBI is accredited by DANAK for testing in accordance with the applicable standards. Watch DBI's various furnaces here.

The conformity process

Improved market access

The conformity process is an example of the stages which a product may go through on its way from development to market. DBI can help optimise the process and get you quicker to market.

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Standards and Standardisations

DBI is involved in Danish , European and international standardisation work. In these forums we help to highlight the standards that will apply in areas related to fire protection and fire extinguishing.

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FIre test

Scaled Fire Tests

DBI offers scaled fire tests in a smaller test furnace, which can give you an indication of the fire safety properties of your product as early as in the stages of concept and development. This increases the chances of passing a fullscale fire test and reduces the product’s Time to Market.

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Scaled Fire Tests

DBI’s fire testing laboratory is fitted with modern environmental technologies and smoke purification, so fire testing at DBI can be carried out without causing a harmful impact on the environment.


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