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Order Argos

The program license is sold on a leasing basis and costs DKK 4,500 per year for a single user license (about € 605).

We also sell the program on a floating license basis. If you need more than ten licences or have any other questions, please contact us at email.

For universities and similar institutions we provide the Argos® software for free, see references for details.

Price list 1 January 2015

Number of copies Price, single user license per year Price, floating license per year
1 4500 DKK               (€ 605) 7600 DKK     (€ 1020)
2 8050 DKK             (€ 1080) 11200 DKK   (€ 1505)
3 10900 DKK           (€ 1465) 13100 DKK   (€ 1760)
4 12800 DKK           (€ 1720) 14200 DKK   (€ 1910)
5 14900 DKK           (€ 2000) 14500 DKK   (€ 1950)

The program can be downloaded from the homepage. Then you will receive a dongle (hardware key), documentation and an invoice within 7 days of your order.

Please note that Argos is leased on an annual basis with payment made in advance. The leasing agreement is automatically renewed at the end of December each year. Written cancellation of the agreement must be received by DBI by December 1st of the current year.

To order Argos®, please enter your data on the order form.  All fields are required.
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