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Update Floating License

If you already have a floating license for Argos, you can easily increase the number of licences available by using the small updating tool provided below. If you use it, then you don’t have to send the license key back to DBI for updating. If your Argos dongle is red, then you have a floating license for Argos.

The procedure is as follows:
    • Download the Hasprus_DBI.exe file below (Hasp remote update program for DBI)
    • Run the program on a computer where the (red) dongle is installed. (It doesn’t have to be the license server but the Hasp driver (provided when installing Argos) must be installed).
    • The program creates a small file with file extension "c2v". Send this file by email to DBI and specify the number of Argos licenses of Argos you require (the total number - not the number of any extra licences).
    • We will then send you a file with the extension "v2c", which will contain update information for the dongle.
    • Run the update tool again, clicking on the second tab "Apply License Update" and using the "v2c" file provided by DBI.

Download floating license update program (Hasprus_DBI.exe)

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