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Modelling of cable fires in electrical components in P2X

The rapid development in Power-to-X (PtX) implies a huge increase in the electrification of systems, which leads to an increased risk of fire in the associated cables. In this connection, there are basic requirements for the documentation of fire safety to ensure a reduction of the risk of accidents that can cost human lives and hinder the green transition. Instead of doing large-scale tests, which are costly for both finances and CO2 emissions, numerical models are used to create flexible and versatile ways to quantify potential consequences.

The problem is that the current calculation models overestimate the consequences, so the industry is unnecessarily forced to increase the level of fire safety, resulting in higher costs and longer time-to-market. Therefore, this project focuses on produceing test data for model validation and then use that data to develop new numerical models for cable fires in electrical systems for PtX technologies. The aim of the project is to have these new models implemented in general methods for accurate risk assessment, for the benefit of research, engineering practices and companies in the Danish renewable energy sector. It will help the industry both on a national scale, by getting closer to fulfilling the UN climate goals, but also on a societal level where this knowledge can help prevent loss of assets, not to mention loss of life.

On a global scale, such knowledge will bring the industry one step closer to fulfilling the UN climate goals by supporting development of safe green technologies. On a societal level this knowledge can help prevent electrical fires in P2X facilities possibly amounting to billions of DKK in loss of asset, not to mention the loss of life, which cannot be accounted for in monetary value. Our customers in the P2X sector include energy companies, actors in the maritime and transportation sector, and equipment manufacturers.

In the bigger picture, this project is a part of supporting the national strategies on decarburization of Denmark and the implementation of PtX technologies. It plays a crucial role in the design process of safe P2X technologies and facilities in the energy production and energy consumption sectors. The results of the project will be shared in the peer-reviewed publications. For updates on the project please contact Michael Plagge.

The project is supported by the Innovation Fund Denmark through Industrial Researcher program. The project runs for 2 years, from September 2022 to September 2024.

Modelling of cable fires in electrical components in P2X The project runs from: September 2022 to September 2024

Project Lead
Michael Plagge