6 Essential Steps to Ensure a Successful Fire Test

Below you will find our checklist of the 6 most important points you should consider before starting a fire test'.

A thorough preparation and expectation alignment is the key to achieving an accurate and reliable product classification during a fire test. It ensures a smooth process, preventing costly and inappropriate complications later in the process.

A testing institute is not just a supplier – it's an essential partner. Even though a testing institute, in its role as an impartial party, cannot advise on product development and design, close collaboration and good dialogue are still essential. Such collaboration can ultimately ensure a successful test and prevent unnecessary delays in the process of achieving the desired classification.

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Christina Hald

Christina Hald, International Sales Manager - Nordic & Baltic


The 6 Key Points:


Choose the Right Testing Institute

Find a reliable and accredited testing institute with expertise in fire tests and classification. Look at their experience, accreditations, and past results to ensure they can provide the necessary classification.


Understand Testing Procedures

Gain a solid understanding of the testing procedures that will be used by the institute. Ask which tests are performed and how the classification is determined.


Prepare Product Specifications

Gather and prepare all relevant product specifications, including technical drawings, materials, user manuals, and other information that might be necessary for the test.


Installation and Preparation

Ensure that the product is correctly installed and prepared according to the manufacturer's instructions and any specific requirements from the testing institute.


Communication with the Testing Institute

Contribute to clear and open communication with the testing institute. Align your expectations, requirements, and any questions before the test begins. This ensures that all parties have the necessary information and are on the same page.


Think Ahead and Define Usage Purpose

Building materials should not be used in ways other than they are tested and approved for, as it would undermine the fire strategy and thus its passive fire safety. Therefore, it's crucial to identify all relevant purposes of use and likely future product adaptations, so the fire test report will match your needs.

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Christina Hald International Sales Manager Nordic & Baltic


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