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Fire Testing 101: A Beginner's Guide with DBI

Are you taking your first steps into the world of fire testing? Perhaps this is new territory for you and your company, and you're looking to gain a better understanding of what it entails.

  1. What are the requirements? 
  2. Which specifications should you be aware of? 
  3. And what opportunities present themselves, especially when discussing non-preapproved solutions? 

If you're new to fire testing, the realm of fire tests can seem like a maze of procedures and requirements. DBI can help make this more manageable and easier to approach. We've compiled a concise overview of the most important trends and tips on ensuring a smooth testing process. This list doesn't delve deep, as every testing process and need is always unique.

At DBI, we're committed to ensuring you feel well-supported from start to finish.

We want you to experience a seamless onboarding and to feel guided and informed every step of the way. Our team is ready to assist you throughout the entire process - from the initial procedures to interpreting the test results.

For your easy reference we have produced a short video that illustrates how a fire test will be conducted at DBI. Watch it here:

Do you already know that you'll need guidance regarding the fire testing of your product?

Christina Hald and David Santilhano are our two International Sales Managers for Fire Testing. They are both dedicated to understanding the needs of companies like yours so they can best guide you and tailor the perfect testing process and fire test for your product. They also bring extensive experience and knowledge about the requirements set for fire safety in various international markets. You can find their contact details at the bottom of this page.

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Christina Hald

Christina Hald, International Sales Manager - Nordic & Baltic


Fire Testing: A Key Step in Safety and Compliance

Fire testing plays a crucial role in ensuring that your test subject meet safety standards and comply with laws and regulations. Here are some of the main reasons to fire test:

Protection of Life and Assets: 

  • When you have a product or construction fire tested, you contribute to minimizing the risk of fire spread in the event of a fire. During a fire test, a product's reaction to fire and any potential risks and vulnerabilities are identified. Whether the fire test passes or leads to further product development, your fire test helps protect both human lives and assets.

Compliance with Safety Standards: 

  • Fire tests are essential to ensure that products meet national and international safety standards and requirements. Therefore, the right fire tests with internationally recognized documentation and the appropriate certifications can grant you access to new markets. This is especially true in industries where your product might be a potential fire source or needs to function in fire-safe environments.

Establishing Credibility and Trust: 

  • Fire tests and certifications help establish credibility around you and your products' fire safety. This builds trust among end-users, partners, builders, architects, and other stakeholders. It positively impacts your company's reputation and can ultimately be the competitive edge that makes a difference.
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The 3 Leading Focus Areas in Today's Industry of Fire Testing for Building Materials and Constructions

In a world where the construction industry is constantly evolving, it's essential to stay abreast of the latest changes and shifts in fire testing for building materials and constructions. Understanding these not only ensures that your product meets current standards but also positions you to future-proof your investment in fire testing. This ensures that your testing remains relevant in the coming years and aligns with the most recent technological advancements and international regulations.

The 3 Leading Focus Areas in Today's Industry are:

Increased focus on new production materials and methods

Increased Focus on New Production Materials and Methods

There's a growing awareness of how different materials and production methods can influence a product's fire safety. As a result, fire tests have become more specialized and specific in relation to different materials' fire resistance, especially concerning newer, more innovative materials or recycling.

New opportunities with digitization and simulation

New Opportunities with Digitization and Simulation

Advancements in digital modeling tools have enabled the execution of advanced simulated fire tests. These can provide a realistic and reliable indication of products' reactions to fire and can be time and cost-effective alternatives to traditional physical fire tests.

International harmonization promotes broader application possibilities

International Harmonization Promotes Broader Application Possibilities

There's a trend towards the international harmonization of fire testing standards and methods. This will eventually allow building materials to be tested and evaluated uniformly across borders.

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Discover the 6 Leading Trends in Fire Testing with Expert Dan Lauridsen

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Dan is the product manager and an expert in fire resistance testing at DBI. He holds a master's degree in civil engineering from AAU - Aalborg University and has been employed at DBI since 1996. He leads a variety of complex testing tasks daily, guiding customers through the process from start to finish.

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Christina Hald International Sales Manager Nordic & Baltic


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