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Safer and Faster PtX

Power-To-X (PtX) fuels, a zero-emission alternative to fossil fuels, have become a prevalent prospect in the effort of reducing CO­2 emissions.  Green fuels have physical qualities distinctly different from fossil fuels, which needs to be considered for handling, transportation, production, storage and utilizing the fuels. Therefore, PtX requires a revision of safety management in order to contribute to the green transition.

‘Safer and Faster PtX’ is a collaboration under the Innomission II partnership, reporting to the Energy Cluster Denmark administration. The project’s main goal is to improve safety and enable faster implementation of PtX production plants, by providing a comprehensive guideline.

The guideline will assist the energy sector in safely implementing PtX in Denmark and address current approval processes, based on insights from interviews, workshops and existing regulations. The partners and industry stakeholders collaborate on aligning the guideline with the industry,  ensuring its relevance and applicability. Additionally, the guideline will provide insights and an approach to public perception and local engagement of the PtX sector for stakeholders to understand the social significance of PtX in a Danish context.

Upon completion, the guideline will benefit the industry, society, authorities, NGOs, and educational institutes. The project incorporates international regulations and standards, aiming to establish Denmark as a leader in the safe and efficient PtX production.

Project partners are industry leaders including Force Technology, CIP (HØST PtX Esbjerg), European Energy, Siemens Gamesa, Everfuel, Rønne Harbour, DFDS, Skovgaard Energy, DS (Danish Standard), Green Hydrogen Systems and DBI. The project began in October 2022, and concludes June in 2024.

The project began in October 2022, and concludes June in 2024.

Project Lead
Jesper Sjørvad
Function Leader