News 2018

Fire fighters

New method of evaluating overall fire safety

27.11.2018 - Fire safety is not just one thing. It involves an interplay between a number of different factors. 


Climate change presents new problems for the emergency services

21.09.2018 - The dry summer has caused a record number of wildfires. 

Grenfell Tower fire

Report prepares the ground for new Building Code in the wake of Grenfell Tower

06.09.2018 - The first report following the Grenfell Tower fire in London has been published.

UL 94

New possibilities for testing of polymeric materials

18-09-18   DBI can now test smaller components according to the UL94 standard 
Timber building

Solid timber elements can self-extinguish in the event of a fire

15.05.2018 There is considerable evidence that timber will become an even more important construction material.

Carpark fire in Liverpool

Cause of multistorey carpark fire in Liverpool still unclear

21.03.2018 - Never before have 1,400 cars been engulfed by flames in a multistorey carpark.

Fire test

Both progress and challenges have appeared during the drafting of a European facade test

26.02.2018 - A draft proposal has been put forward for a common European standard.

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