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News 2019


Take human behaviour into account, and improve your fire safety

29-11-2019 - New knowledge about human behaviour can be applied to the design of ships and their fire safety plans. 

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Delayed alert cost Notre Dame dearly

Delayed alert cost Notre Dame dearly

26-09-2019 During the fire at Notre Dame in Paris, alerting the fire department was delayed by approx. 25 minutes. 

High density fireproofing of cannabis

High density fireproofing of cannabis

27-08-2019 Cannabis is being legalised in an increasing number of countries worldwide.


The world's tallest and safest timber building

06-08-2019   The prestige building, Mjøstårnet in Norway, proves that timber can be used when building to a height.

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Wild fires in the USA mobilise the fire brigade’s elite troops

15-07-2019   Every year, wild fires cause havoc in the USA.

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Furniture on fire

Lack of focus on toxic smoke from furniture

08-04-2019 The toxicity of smoke is an important parameter when you are caught in a fire.

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Focus on sustainability and fire safety in the EU

21-03-2019 A new EU directive on the energy performance of buildings is to result in energy renovation and strengthen the focus on fire safety.


USA streets ahead when it comes to the fire safety of mega-batteries

21-01-2019 Mega-batteries in the electricity system, industry and in our homes are on the way. But what about fire safety?

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