3D models of fire scenes

Complete documentation of a fire scene, easy measurement, quick reconstruction and no doubts in the context of disputes. These are some of the benefits of 3D models of fire scenes.

DBI provides 3D models of fire scenes, making it possible to visit a fire scene long after it has been cleaned up and reconstructed.

For a 3D model, the fire investigator takes 360-degree photos of all rooms at the fire scene. The images are consolidated in a digital model, in which you can move around just as in Google Street View.


The 3D model provides complete documentation of the fire scene, enabling an appraiser to approach their work from their desk and save on transport. For example, you can calculate the value of lost or damaged items, perform measurements and, if disputes arise, you can return to, and re-investigate the fire scene at any time.

This swift, complete documentation also paves the way for quick clean-up and reconstruction. As a client, you may subsequently be able to arrange for the model to be transferred to AutoCAD, thereby creating the necessary drawings to obtain offers for reconstruction. The model can also be combined with additional data. For example, close-ups or instructions for use and invoices for the likes of white goods can be added, so that in practice the 3D model contains all documentation about the damage and information for refurbishment in a single location.

Complete overview

Automatic measurement for tender documents

No unnecessary use of time and resources on travel and measuring

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In urgent cases, our fire investigators also drive out both evenings and weekends.

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