Spireprojekt: Upcycling Orangery with reused timber elements to promote community in housing associations or public institutions

This project aims to contribute to the circular agenda in the construction industry and help establish a practical method to promote the use of recycled materials in building constructions.

The housing association, Plus Bolig, aims to emphasize sustainability and community by constructing a sustainable Orangery that will serve as a shared meeting place for residents. As the Orangery for Plus Bolig is considered a secondary construction, it is an appropriate project to build a foundation of experience upon.

The project aims to investigate the possibility of addressing the fire-related challenges associated with using recycled materials in new constructions, with focus on the load-bearing structures. The objective is to develop a non-destructive fire engineering method that enables the use of recycled materials in new construction.

The project is carried out in collaboration with Frandsen & Søndergaard K/S, Titan Nedbrydning A/S, Arkitektfirmaet Nord A/S, Plus Bolig, and AAU Build. DBI is the project leader, and the project is funded through WE BUILD DENMARK with resources from the Danish Ministry of Education and Research (Uddannelses- og Forskningsstyrelsen).

The project will run until March 2023.

The project ran from March 2022 until March 2023.

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Orangeri - Test Report

Orangeri PlusBolig - Konstruktionsdokumentation
Byggetilladelse orangeriOpen
Orangeri for selvhjulpne personer. Udføres i genbrugsmaterialer. Dokumentation for indplacering
i Brandklasse, DBI 2022

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