Development of New Innovative Impregnation Technology

The building industry accounts for 40% of the total Danish CO2 emissions, with emissions from structures and building materials being the largest contributor. Wood, as a building material, has the potential to significantly reduce this environmental burden. However, it is often overlooked due to concerns about its fire properties. One possible solution is to treat the wood through an impregnation process that reaches deep into its core.

In a new project, Gaia Wood Technology, in collaboration with DBI and Danish Technological Institute, will investigate and document the effectiveness of a new impregnation technology that may enhance the feasibility of using more wood in construction projects. The goal is to provide evidence for an improved impregnation technology that can extend the lifespan of wood. Additionally, the technology should be capable of treating all types of wood species and dimensions, allowing for the use of local wood species and reducing overexploitation of specific areas and wood types. This approach can also help minimize transportation costs and associated CO2 emissions.

DBI will provide guidance, conduct testing, and analyse the technology based on data obtained from indicative and full-scale tests.

The project is funded as a Knowledge Bridge project with support from the Ministry of Education and Research (uddannelses og forskningsministeriet) through CLEAN.

The project is scheduled to run from September 2021 to September 2022.

Frederik Kruse

Project Lead
Frederik Kruse
Project Manager