Social Engineering and Vulnerability Assessment Framework (SAVE)

Social networks have made companies and public authorities highly exposed and vulnerable to "Social Engineering", i.e. the manipulation of people via IT systems.

This has led to a new type of targeted cyberattacks. The latest insight shows that around 90% of all security breaches concern the human element. At a workshop held at DBI, the latest research in the area was presented and valuable recommendations were passed on concerning the best protection from Social Engineering.

Social media have led to Social Engineering 2.0. Social Engineering is not a new phenomenon, but it is currently being used in new ways, since the technology has developed. Social Engineering was previously very much about people meeting each other, but in step with society's development this has developed into a 2.0 version, in which information from open sources is used prior to the meeting.

Read more here about the project and its results

Social Engineering and Vulnerability Assessment Framework (SAVE)

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