Course: cybersecurity and social engineering

In Denmark there is a need to strengthen cybersecurity for Danish SMEs. Criminals are increasingly gaining access to companies' systems by manipulating employees, also called social engineering. Security breaches of this type can cost the company millions of kroner, making it important to train and hire personnel in this area. Social engineering is one of DBI's focus areas, since both small and large companies are vulnerable to attacks of this type.

DBI and KEA will cooperate on developing two courses in cybersecurity. The course at KEA will supplement programmes within the digital programme area. The course at DBI will be a CFPA course, aimed at SMEs, to further train people working in the security and IT sector.

The aim of the project is to strengthen professional expertise within cybersecurity.

The content of the courses is being developed by KEA, while DBI adds professional depth and contact with the business community. The course content will include the latest know-how within this area, as well as results and events from DBI's security department and their research projects.

With support from KEA, DBI will develop a CFPA-approved course, aimed at SMEs, to further train people working in the security and IT sector. Since SMEs are especially vulnerable to cyberattacks, knowledge sharing and awareness training in secure cyber behaviour can increase awareness of IT security.

The project is supported by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science - Proposals for supplementary GTS initiatives.
Course: cybersecurity and social engineering

Project Lead
Sarah Fabricius
UX Designer


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