MAT - Risk assessment of new materials

The purpose of the project was to promote the introduction of new materials in the construction industry and 'Blue Denmark' without compromising on fire safety.

In the two industries, there is an increasing need to introduce new materials due to, for example, lack of resources, climate change and requirements imposed by the authorities. The project will help the construction industry and 'Blue Denmark' accommodate the latest developments.

DBI will produce better knowledge and tools for modelling the fire technology properties of materials, which in turn can simplify the introduction of innovative solutions based on new materials.

Moreover, DBI will put an end to current safety thinking whereby the predominant contribution to safety comes from walls, ceilings and floors in non-combustible materials. This is necessary in order to meet existing and future requirements relating to sustainability and energy efficiency.

The project will provide knowledge about fire safety technology in relation to new materials so that companies can use technological progress to create innovative solutions.

The project was part of DBI's result contract which ran from 2013-2015. DBI enters into a result contract with the Danish Agency for Research and Innovation at three-yearly intervals.

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Future materials and fire safety, a study of focus areas around the world Material from the
Visions seminar on 3 September 2015 (Danish)

Gain an insight into what one of the MAT project's fire tests looks like in this video
MAT - Risk assessment of new materials The project ran from: 1 January 2013 to 31 December 2015

Project Lead
Claus Langhoff
Project Manager