Project Brint i Brande (Hydrogen in Brande)

Brint i Brande (Hydrogen in Brande) is a Power-to-X (P2X) project exploring the possibilities for hydrogen production with an electrolysis unit attached directly unto a 3 MW wind turbine, with storage of hydrogen in tankers. It is a cooperative project undertaken by Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, Uhrevind and Green Hydrogen Systems, with tanker cars supplied by Everfuel. The project will provide the basis for a number of technology tests and exploration of risks scenarios for wind powered hydrogen production.

DBI participated in conducting risk assessments for fire and general safety, through exchange of knowledge and close dialogue with the partners. The development and demonstration project has provided DBI a unique opportunity to exchange expertise with the project partners as well as building experience with P2X. DBI conducted anthropological and fire technical observations of both the area and units, and participated in risk assessments of the facility design to learn and contribute with our knowledge.

DBI’s involvement has brought new insights into the safety and risks of hydrogen, generated input to new topics of research and resulted in an extensive list of potential risks for hydrogen production and handling. Furthermore, the project offered a chance to explore and develop the methodological and analytical connections between engineering and social sciences – a connection that plays a vital part in the holistic safety understanding at DBI.

Contain The project ran from: January 2021 to May 2021

Project Lead
Thomas Hulin
Head of Energy and Transport, PhD