Offshore Hydrogen Wind Turbine

This project explores the possibilities for increasing the efficiency of Power-to-X hydrogen production: can an electrolysis unit be attached directly unto an offshore wind turbine? Is it possible to produce hydrogen locally and lead it directly into the gas lines? How do we reduce loss of energy and increase the payoff of wind power? Hydrogen produced with green wind power is part of the foundation for the climate friendly energy of the future, and can be used for heating, CO2 reduced production of industrial chemicals, and green fuels for transport and shipping. DBI contributes to several of the project’s work packages and is leading the work with safety and risk assessments. Offshore hydrogen production attached to wind turbines bring up new aspects of safety and different challenges than what we typically face on land.

The project focuses on supporting a safe shift to P2X technologies for the green transition; well thought-out solutions at the very beginning helps to safeguard against future challenges, to identify potential issues early on, increase efficiency and last but not least, works to guarantee a high level of safety. In addition to this, “human centered safety” plays a central role in this project, and is part of DBI’s overarching strategy for holistic safety. This aspect is explored through interviews and ethnographic fieldwork focused on approval processes and “work as imagined” compared to “work as done”.

Contain The project runs from: January 2021 to December 2023

Project Lead
Aqqalu Ruge
Project Manager