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Marco Polo DK

To achieve significant global and local CO2 reductions, it is essential to utilize Power-to-X (P2X) technology to generate renewable liquid fuels. The MARCO POLO DK project aims to investigate the potential use of P2X products in various Danish ports, including international and domestic ferry ports, fishing ports, and CO2 import/export ports.

The project focuses on safe handling, transportation, storage, and usage of methanol as a green fuel for ferries and fishing vessels in both national and international trade.

The project will concentrate on ports in North Jutland since it would be natural to collaborate with 'Erhvervsfyrtårne Nordjylland'.

The project is underway and divided into five main activities. The first two activities involve evaluating two ports to cover the four archetypes and identifying safety and authority requirements for handling methanol at the ports. The third activity is to establish business cases for the use of methanol on actual routes, creating green corridors for more sustainable shipping practices. The fourth activity aims to describe the further applicability of the insights gained from the project to Danish and international ports. Finally, the project will conclude with a roadmap for the direct implementation of the results, ensuring that the knowledge gained from this project can be put into action in the near future.

The project is carried out by a consortium consisting of ports, relevant GTS (Approved Technical Service) and Research Institutes as well as NGOs and Foundations. In addition, the project has a strong Advisory Board comprising key P2X stakeholder and future customers for the P2X products, as well an important trade organization.

Further information on the project, including rapports, can be found at Energy Cluster Denmark’s website here

Marco Polo DK The project will be completed in August 2023

Project Lead
Anders V. Kristensen
Project Manager

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