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Spireprojekt: New knowledge on biobased and fire-safe constructions for architects and contractors in the construction Industry.

In recent years, more and more buildings are emerging in the urban area. However, the lack of knowledge and experience creates hesitation in working with biobased materials. For biobased construction to succeed and achieve significant CO2 reductions, it is essential to elevate this knowledge and experience level. Since biobased materials are combustible, fire testing and understanding how fire can be used as a design parameter are necessary goals.

DBI aims to equip Danish building constructors and craftsmen with the skills to construct fire-safe biobased structures. A solid foundation of experience among architects and contractors is important for growth in biobased constructions. As fire requirements pose significant challenges for biobased materials, incorporating fire as a design parameter is a central element of this project.

The project will provide new knowledge, hands-on training, experience, and knowledge dissemination to both new and established craftsmen and constructors. It involves close collaboration with VIA University College (Aarhus), Aarhus Tech, DBI, Havnens Hænder, Ecococon and Burntwood, Kalle Balle Byg, Avans Hogeschool, and HZ University. Additionally, Tiny Varigheden is associated with the demonstration project as the project owner.

The project is funded through WE BUILD DENMARK with resources from the Danish Ministry of Education and Research (Uddannelses- og Forskningsstyrelsen).

The project will run from February 2022 to February 2023.

The project will ran from February 2022 to February 2023.

Project Lead
Asmus Haastrup
Research Consultant