Numerical modelling of facade systems in fire to assist certification testing

This is a postdoc project that is taking place in collaboration with Lund University. The aim of the project is to develop a numerical model to assess façade systems' performance in the event of fire. The model will be used in combination with a new testing method for medium-scale units. The project will also receive data from other projects in which DBI is involved, such as two large-scale surveys in 2017, in collaboration with KICT in Korea, and the project from the European Commission for the harmonisation of façade testing.

The aim of the project is to lay the theoretical foundation for the development of a numerical model to describe the performance of selected characteristics of ETICS façade solutions that are exposed to fire. The model will aim to reproduce the test set-up in order to characterise the starting point. The model will then be able to predict the behaviour of full-scale elements, based on this starting point. The model could also be used to give design directions for different variations on a basic product, in a certified solution.

Project Lead
Anders Dragsted
Project Manager

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