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Documented fire safety

DBI will develop and strengthen the technological infrastructure and the technological services for the documentation of the fire safety and fireproof design of components and systems for use in buildings or ships.

The aim is to give Danish companies easy access to the latest knowledge of fireproof design, as well as fire testing, to document compliance with the statutory requirements.

Access to a leading technical fire prevention infrastructure is decisive to companies' success in the market, and to promoting the development of new materials and structures. The initiative therefore contributes to strengthening companies' innovation, which can e.g. be the use of new, high-insulating structures in construction, or energy-saving lightweight materials for ships. This initiative is thus an implementation of DBI's mission as a GTS institute.

In overall terms, DBI will:

  • Develop testing methods and equipment in areas with new or revised international standards with fire protection requirements
  • Facilitate demonstration fire testing for new materials
  • Obtain and disseminate updated knowledge of new materials and building systems, and of fire requirements in relevant export markets

The target group for the technological infrastructure is producers of building materials, materials and equipment, executing construction companies (including installation technicians), shipyards and their subsuppliers, the offshore industry and its subsuppliers, and consulting engineers and architects.

In overall terms, this target group, which includes around 10,000 SMEs, has annual revenue of around DKK 400 billion. In other words, DBI's technical fire prevention infrastructure supports companies whose production is equivalent to 20% of Denmark's GDP, with facilities and advisory services concerning the fulfilment of fire prevention requirements.

The project is part of DBI's result contract which runs from 2015 to 2018. DBI enters into a result contract with the Danish Agency for Research and Innovation at three-yearly intervals.

Documented fire safety The project ran from: 1 January 2016 to 31 December 2018

Project Lead
Carsten Damgaard
R&D Director