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The overall aim of the project was to strengthen Danish expertise and partnerships within ship construction using FRP-based materials. This was to be achieved by gaining an overview of and disseminating the knowledge available concerning commercial ship construction in FRP, by involving relevant operators in the maritime value chain.

For the first time, the preliminary project provides an overview of the projects undertaken for commercial vessels built from lightweight materials (FRP). It is thus expected that the mapping and related prioritised catalogue of ideas can help to reduce today's considerable uncertainty concerning FRP shared by everyone in the value chain (including authorities, classification companies, naval architects and materials producers) with regard to e.g. approving or investing in the area.

The preliminary project originates from the InnoShip consortium and is based on a shared understanding of social partnership and close interaction between shipping companies, shipyards, authorities, research/knowledge institutions, and private enterprises. The aim is thus to strengthen the overall maritime sector.

Read more about the project's results and reports below:
Read the status report from the project


Lightship The project ran from: 1 April to 30 June 2015

Project Lead
Carsten Møller
Research and Innovation Consultant