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Autonomy within the ship industry is a new but fast growing tendency. Autonomy for ships is imminent in Scandinavia and it is expected to be incorporated in the Danish maritime industry in the near future. As autonomous ships are a new invention, it is crucial that we implement new thinking in the fire strategies for these ships.

The purpose of the project is to optimize the fire safety for future autonomous ships. We want to provide a foundation for a holistic fire strategy for autonomous small ferries in Denmark with focus on:

  • Technical basis – including fire detection, extinguishing and evacuation equipment.
  • Fire Technical design – emphasizing the interplay between passive and active fire safety.
  • Human factors – aiming to ensure safe behavior for passengers and crew.

On the basis of the holistic fire strategy, the project will deliver recommendations for design, training of the crew, passengers and land-based emergency services.

Rederiet Færgen is designing a new ferry for the route Esbjerg – Fanø. This ferry will be used as a demonstration project in order to bring documentation and recommendations for partly autonomous domestic ferries. Results and knowledge from this project will be published for other Danish projects within autonomous ships.

FIRST The project runs from: January 1st 2018 to March 31st 2019

Project Lead
Anders Dragsted
Head of Building Design