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Invitation to Participate in a Development Project on Wood Facades with Sustainable Fire Properties

DBI and Danish Technological Institute recently conducted a study on the effects of natural aging, UV light, and rain on the fire properties of fire-retardant treated wood. However, since the study only focused on one type of fire-retardant facade cladding, it does not provide comprehensive information about fire-retardant wood in general. Therefore, with a new project, we aim to conduct further investigations on other fire-retardant wood products and establish an acknowledged pathway for documenting high-quality wood products for use in construction.

Project Description:

A consortium consisting of DBI, TI, and the University of Copenhagen will initiate a project to demonstrate methods for better documentation and control of fire-safe wood facades. The vision is to contribute to the use of fire-safe timber constructions throughout their entire lifespan. In the short term, our goal is to ensure that manufacturers of wood facades can bring products to the market with documentation proving their long-lasting fire resistance.

Among other things, we will identify the extent to which fire retardants naturally leach out over time, determine appropriate methods for conducting accelerated aging, and establish testing and documentation procedures for fire properties of wood facade products subjected to natural and accelerated aging. Additionally, we will propose a method for short-term market introduction of wood products with documented fire properties after aging, as well as publish a proposal for improving the EN 16755 standard in the long run.

We want you to join us!

We aim to develop our solutions in collaboration with companies in the construction industry who share our passion for promoting timber construction in Denmark. Therefore, we invite you to participate in the project in three ways:

As a supplier, you can contribute to the project with manpower and test subjects. It is possible to remain anonymous when providing test subjects. As a supplier, you can also become part of the project's steering group, influence its direction, and receive media coverage.

As a supporter, you publicly endorse the project to highlight its importance in the construction industry.

As a sponsor, you help steer the construction industry towards more sustainable practices by providing financial support for the project. In return, you will receive media coverage and an invitation to the project's steering group.

Please contact one of the following individuals if you would like to learn more or participate in the project.

Project Lead
Simon Sköld
Research Consultant

DBI, Projektleder, Simon Sköld
Tlf: +45 50 80 65 20

TI, Sektionsleder, Jonas Stenbæk
Tlf: +45 72 20 11 39

KU, Lektor, Emil Thybring
Tlf: +45 35 33 44 33