Fire detect

Fire Detect's aim is to develop and test an innovative and secure fire detection system based on new and advanced laser technology. The system will be able to identify very small temperature increases at a very early stage of a fire, ensuring early and reliable detection of fires. The measurement method is based on phase changes of laser light, making the system suitable for dusty areas where current systems show limited capacity or do not work at all.

DBI's role in the project primarily comprises project management and development work to ensure that the fire detection system is secure and fault-free in both controlled and realistic environments, including the development of models for fire and heat formation.
In addition, DBI will investigate, define and perform tests to achieve certification and ensure compliance with current standards.

Business partners

  • Elotec A/S, Norway
  • DFM, Danish National Metrology Institute
  • Lap-sikkerhed ApS

The project is for EUR 1.5 million and is financed by the European Commission's EUROSTARS, Innovation Fund Denmark and the Research Council of Norway. 

Fire detect

Project Lead
Giorgio Marinelli
Research and Innovation Consultant