The InnoBYG Spire Project: The fire effect of bio-based facade systems

The purpose of the project was to illustrate and document the contextual fire safety of selected facade systems constructed with bio-based materials with a view to achieving a greater area of application.

The project will be executed as follows:
a) A mapping-out of the state-of-the-art of fire safety for fire safety in bio-based facade systems
b) Realistic, comparable fire testing of facade systems and, through this
c) An evaluation of the relevant fire technical properties of facade systems

Thus, the project will help:
  • To contribute to the growth of sustainable production in construction
  • To promote the sharing of knowledge in relation to sustainable production between companies in the construction industry across the value chain
  • To assist Danish materials suppliers in the documentation of fire safety for their current and future facade systems.
Project Lead
Anders Dragsted
Project Manager

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