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Project Fire Causes

The purpose of the Project Fire Causes was to achieve improved fire safety in private homes. The project mapped out data that was registered in relation to building fire by a number of key players and gathered knowledge that was outside the scope of the registration systems for the causes of fires and the risk behaviour of damaged building elements etc. Currently, around a third of all causes of fires are registered as 'unknown', which resulted in DBI and the project partners embarking on a collaboration to improve insight into the causes of fires and risk behaviour.

The project group as a whole decided to investigate building fires and, in this way, furnish the results of the project with greater knowledge in relation to fires in private homes as well as fires in commercial properties and industrial fires. All of the fire reports from 2014 and 2015 in a specific police district from the Danish Emergency Management Agency's Online Data Registration and Reporting System (ODIN), Police and DBI were examined.

Collaboration partners
  • The Danish Emergency Management Agency
  • TrygFonden smba (TryghedsGruppen smba)

Read more about the results of the project in the final report here (Danish)
Project Fire Causes The project ran from: 01 October 2015 to 31 December 2016.

Project Lead
Carsten Møller
Senior Business Developer Maritime