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Decision-making support for easy digital project design of fire safety

DBI will develop a new technological service based on digital tools and expert systems that make it easy for consulting architectural and engineering firms to project design fire safety, and to incorporate fire safety requirements in digital building information models (BIM). 

The aim is to contribute to increasing the construction sector's productivity by digitising the processes for the project design of fireproofing. This is a focus area for companies, as well as organisations and authorities. Today, project design companies often have to involve expensive and time-consuming external expertise. 

The service will replace a large element of the manual procedures for project design of fireproofing. The new service will also be an integrated element of the work on digital building models. Besides strengthening the competitiveness of the project design companies, it will also support the productivity of both the executing construction companies and the public authorities, via the more streamlined processing of official approvals of construction work. 

The new service will also facilitate and support the fire project design work in connection with the increased use of sustainable building materials, as well as more advanced materials, structures and architecture. 

The service has three objectives:

  • Digitisation of prescriptive rules and other technical regulations.
  • Active use of prescriptive rules and technical regulations in BIM.
  • Project design in BIM of buildings' critical zones in the event of fire.

DBI will develop a new service which requires extensive experience with fire project design, fire requirements and technical fire calculations, which are core competences at DBI, in combination with the datalogical competences of DBI's business partners.


As a GTS institute it is an obvious task for DBI to undertake the development of these tools and then make them available to Danish companies.

The project will take place in close cooperation with coming users of the new services, as well as experts in the digital field.


The project is part of DBI's result contract which runs from 2015 to 2018. DBI enters into a result contract with the Danish Agency for Research and Innovation at three-yearly intervals.

Decision-making support for easy digital project design of fire safety The project runs from: 1 January 2016 to 31 December 2018

Project Lead
Claus Langhoff
Project Manager