Wood:UpHigh: Watch Fire Resistance Test of Wall Construction with Bio-based Materials

Published: 09.12.22

As part of the Wood:UpHigh project, DBI has recently carried out a fire resistance test of a wall construction with primarily bio-based materials. The wall passed 71 minutes (REI60) before the insulation collapsed.

The fire test was the second of a total of 10 full-scale fire resistance tests that DBI is planning to carry out in collaboration with LOGIK & CO in the Wood:UpHigh project.

The construction was built from 15 mm fiber plasterboard, 15 mm wood fiber board, 295 mm wood construction with blown wood fiber, and 22 mm wood fiber windbreak with wood slats.

- As seen from the video, the cause of the failure was presumably due to the fall of the insulation, which ultimately left the bio-based wind barrier unprotected, says Christian Fundby Schou, who is Head of Advanced Product Development at DBI.

- Our industry reference group visited and experienced the test up close. At the same time, we had around 80 spectators who watched via online streaming, says Christian Fundby Schou,

Watch the Fire Test here:

The next fire test in the Wood:UpHigh project will be live-streamed on 19th December at 12.00 noon-time. Here, a bio-based floor separation will be tested. If you want to watch the fire test, sign up here


The vision of the project is to enable more bio-based materials in constructions without compromising on fire safety. The project aims at accelerating fire testing knowledge for the scaled use of bio-based materials in multiple-storey constructions.

Wood:UpHigh will explore, analyze and document the fire resistance of selected load-bearing wooden structures in combination with bio-based insulation. It shall demonstrate how the combination of bio-based load-bearing construction and insulation can meet Danish fire functional requirements according to the pre-accepted solutions.

Among other things, 10 accredited full-scale fire tests and 30-40 small-scale indicative fire tests will be carried out. The results will be an unbiased and industry-recognized example catalog with documented solutions, which is free and available to players within the construction industry by mid 2023. In the long term, the results aim towards use in buildings up to at least 4 floors (and possibly higher).

The project is managed by DBI, who handles all project activities, apart from the construction of test items for fire tests, which is taken care of by LOGIK & CO. The project is supported by Realdania, Grundejernes Investeringsfond and Uddannelses- og Forskningsstyrelsen.

The reference group consists of Rambøll, NCC, Bolig- og Planstyrelsen, Aalborg Universitet, Realdania By & Byg, Egen Vinding og Datter, Træelementforeningen, Træinformation, Grundejernes Investeringsfond, Juul og Hansen Arkitekter, Vandkunsten, Enemærke og Petersen and VIA University College.

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Christian Fundby Schou
Head of Advanced Product Development

+45 61 97 24 50