DBI action points in connection to the Corona virus

We want you to feel safe and secure when you are visiting DBI in these times of Corona. We have taken a number of measures to combat spreading of the virus in to look after out for our visitors and employees.

We have taken the following actions:

  1. DBI is fully updated on the authorities' recommendations and complies with them.
  2. Procedures to minimize the risk of infection in all DBI offices have been put in place. These are procedures partly for DBI employees' movement and conduct and partly for our visitors.
  3. DBI employees are working from home - if and when - possible.
  4. DBI has introduced comprehensive restrictions regarding travel activities. All travel activities abroad for DBI employees must be approved in advance, and foreign guests are only allowed at DBI if they have a worthy purpose for entering Denmark.
  5. DBI has also introduced procedures for travel to non-risk areas. Among other things. are urged to keep all travel activity to a minimum, and all travel must now be approved by DBI's management.
  6. Procedures have been introduced for how employees return to work after private trips.
  7. Our contingency team is constantly monitoring the development and DBI will impose additional requirements as far as may be necessary.
  8. We have established a digital preparedness to ensure that employees and guests in the house are constantly updated on the situation.

If you have questions

Please contact sikring@dbigroup.dk

Here you will find links to further information and details concerning our measures. If you are visiting our fire testing facilities in the coming weeks, we recommend that you read the information.

Information to our customers and guests in fire testing 

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