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Fire Forecaster

The aim of the Fire Forecaster project is to develop methods to forecast materials' behaviour at raised temperatures. Being able to assess this behaviour will make it possible for DBI to offer a wider selection of services to Danish and international industry. This applies especially to the forecasting of fire testing results, since statutory provisions determine that testing of new products prior to launch is mandatory. This forecasting will save companies from many costs for the product development and quality improvement of their products. 
The long-term vision is to provide an intelligent test forecasting tool that makes it possible to test new products continuously throughout the development process, reduce the time-to-market, and promote innovation without increasing the costs of fire testing. This will help companies to get their new, advanced and energy-efficient solutions to market more quickly, at competitive prices, which adds more risk to the innovation process for Danish and international companies.

The project is an industrial postdoc undertaken in collaboration with the Alexandra Institute.

Fire Forecaster The project ran from: 1 February 2017 to 1 February 2018

Project Lead
Anders Dragsted
Head of Building Design