Collaboration with DBI Strengthens Corporate Growth and Innovation

Published: 29.06.23

Companies that collaborate with DBI increase their turnover by 10-20 percent more than comparable companies that do not. This is shown by a new report from the consultancy firm Incentive. For certain industries, the gain is even larger.

When companies enter a collaboration with DBI – The Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology, their average turnover increases more than their competitors'. This is one of the conclusions from a new report titled "Socio-Economic Evaluation of DBI's Activities as a GTS Institute", which the consultancy firm Incentive has prepared for DBI.

Incentive has analyzed the development in turnover for DBI's customers and compared it with the development in a control group of comparable companies that are matched based on parameters such as industry, turnover, and number of employees. The analysis shows that companies that enter a collaboration with DBI, 1-2 years later have increased their turnover by 10 to 20 percent more than the control group, and for architecture and engineering companies the increase is up to 20-30 percent. The analysis also finds that there is no difference between the two groups in the years before the collaboration with DBI begins. This gives a good indication that the increased turnover is not due to other factors.

DBI's Research Director Carsten Damgaard sees the report as documentation that DBI, as one of the seven GTS institutes, delivers value to both the companies and society.

"There is nothing better than having it confirmed that DBI's research projects are not just nerdy things for the drawer, but actually produce knowledge that creates value for our partners," says Carsten Damgaard.

The report from Incentive has also reviewed the scientific literature in the field, which documents that collaborations with GTS institutes improve the companies' economy, and that the collaborations also suggest improved productivity, which ultimately affects the national economy positively.

The collaborations also strengthen the companies' innovative power. The effect is greatest in close and long collaborations and applies especially to small and medium-sized companies.

"We can see that the overall picture for GTS institutes also applies to DBI's customers. When small and medium-sized companies collaborate with us, it results in both more innovation and faster innovation. This is entirely in line with the intentions behind the research grants from the Ministry of Education and Research," says Carsten Damgaard.

Finally, the report shows that companies that collaborate with GTS institutes strengthen their network - often across industries. An example could be DBI's research project on fire in electric cars on ferries, where shipping companies, insurance companies, and car manufacturers have come together to create independent research that benefits all links in the chain.

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