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DBI increases focus on fire investigations in Sweden

Published: 12.12.22

DBI is expanding its Nordic focus and has opened an office in Gothenburg, Sweden. The institute now offers fire investigations from local offices in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

DBI already operates in Sweden, but by establishing a presence in the country, wants to gather competencies, technology, equipment and training in a strong Nordic set-up within fire investigation.

The expansion means that DBI now has fire investigators in most of Scandinavia who can quickly respond to all types of fire investigations, speak the local languages and cooperate and exchange experiences across national borders. It also means that Swedish insurance companies, police and industry now have better opportunities to draw on DBI’s unique competencies, many years of experience and modern methods and technology within fire investigations.

Swedish specialists

Two Swedish fire investigation specialists are working from the new office in Gothenburg as part of DBI. For Swedish customers, DBI’s presence in Sweden means that communication can take place in Swedish and that they receive their DBI investigation reports in Swedish. In addition to gaining access to DBI’s entire range of specialised fire investigations, 3D scans, online searches, training, etc., customers now also gain easier access to DBI’s other knowledge and services.

"The opening of DBI Sweden in Gothenburg lets us get closer to our Swedish customers. In addition, Swedish customers will not only benefit from DBI’s knowledge, methods and technology, but also from DBI’s strong competencies and large network of specialised fire investigators. Some are particularly strong in vehicles, while others have many years of experience in investigating buildings or burnt items. The bottom line is that our customers always get a specialist for their job," says Jesper Ditlev, CEO of DBI.

DBI is accredited and certified

DBI has many years of experience in carrying out fire investigations and every year investigates hundreds of fires in buildings, vehicles and ships. DBI also has extensive experience of investigating burnt items suspected of having caused a fire.

DBI is accredited to carry out fire investigations by DANAK and ILAC in accordance with DS/EN/ISO 17020 and the Nordic Fire Manual. Furthermore, most of DBI’s fire investigators are certified by the International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI).

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