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Company course: Security Coordinator – Physical Security in Practice

Course number: SIO15101

Course description

Seize the opportunity to acquire practical experience about security products that you work with on a daily basis.

The objective of this course is that you, as a responsible party or advisor, will be able to adjust your security measures according to relevant resistance and attack methods. We take a balanced approach to security, where you will gain insights into challenges and solutions when securing valuable material assets with physical and electronic measures.

On this course we will be working with security products according to EN1627, LPS1175, and other relevant standards.

Target group

The course is relevant for business owners, building owners/property developers, construction advisors, architects, and architectural technologist and construction managers, facility managers or other safety and security managers, as well as builders and installers.

Course content

  • Planning security and crime prevention through environmental design
  • Security requirements and levels
  • Certification and standards
  • Security doors and locks
  • Mechanical security (physical installations)
  • Electronic surveillance
  • Testing and penetration of security products

Course yield

You will obtain practical knowledge about the strength and resistance of various security measures/products, which you can use to improve current and future security solutions.


3 days from 08:00-16:30 hours.

Course requirements

You work with physical security and/or have other relevant experience with physical security and electronic surveillance. Due to the course contents, all participants will be subject to screening by DBI upon course enrolment.

Company course: Security Coordinator – Physical Security in Practice

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Lonni Nejlund
Lonni Nejlund Course Coordinator