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Experienced Fire Investigation Course

Course number: BRO15458

Course description

The course for the experienced fire investigators puts the main emphasis on practical investigation of the fire scenarios in the containers.

The participant will review the theory of fire, fire scene investigation, fire scene interpretation, documentation and securing evidence based on their level of experience.

Target group

This course is relevant for you, who works with insurance, police, damage service, and you who work with investigation of fire cases.

Course content

On-site we have furnished five containers for different fire scenarios that matches real life fire scenarios for you to investigate during the course.

The containers are burned recently and are documented with e.g. photos recorded before, under and after the fires and 360°virtual presentations and Matterport 3D scans recorded before and after the fires. Furthermore it will be possible to do some small scale in-situ fire experiments.

We emphasise on being a reliable training partner and provide the attendes with knowledge and skills which they can use in their own work.

The instructors are experienced fire investigators with more than 20 years of experience in the field.

Course yield

  • You will get better at:
    • Visit your fire cases
    • Use resources the best way possible
    • Procure tactical information
    • Make better evidence security
  • You will also hear about and test:
    • Firecase interpretation
    • Scientifically method
    • Determination of fireplace and firecase
    • Tactical information and value of this


2 days

Course requirements

It is expected you have knowlegde corresponding to the basic level of fire investigation.

Experienced Fire Investigation Course

I am employed or private person

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