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Elementary fire protection Course

Course number: BRO15416

Course description

The first few minutes are crucial when a fire occurs. It can significantly impact the extent of the fire if one or more individuals are capable of quickly and safely addressing the situation, preventing unnecessary damage and panic before professional help arrives.

In a workplace setting, it is important for every employee to have a basic knowledge of fire hazards specific to the company, daily prevention and safety measures, escape routes, and firefighting equipment: their locations and how to use them.

All employees, particularly safety officers, in the workplace who need to be familiar with basic fire safety and be able to take swift action in the event of a fire.

Course content

This fire course provides a basic introduction to fire prevention and firefighting. Participants will be educated on how a fire develops, how fire and smoke spread, and the precautions to be taken if a fire occurs.

Daily safety measures will be discussed, with a focus on areas requiring special attention.

Different types of fire extinguishing equipment will be covered, and practical fire extinguishing exercises will be conducted for all participants.


3 Hours.

Course dates

Elementary fire protection Course

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